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Our cider making process is a long one, but old fashioned, which makes it all the more tasty! Our unpasteurized cider is just like the cider you had as a kid: no preservatives, no added sugars. Nothing but apples! Our press is 45 years old and we've been using it for just about 23 years. So take a look at our process below! 

For starters, our apples are all washed and sorted. Good apples go to market and ​blemished apples go to cider! A good batch of Royalton Farms apple cider includes a variety of apples, ranging from tart to sweet, for the best possible taste. 

Afterwards, the blemished apples are loaded onto a conveyer belt and sent into a grinder to be chopped into "apple mash." 

The mash is loaded onto platforms which are then squeezed together in a stack by our old fashioned press. The juice they produce is filtered and sent to a large storage tank. From there it is jugged by hand!

Royalton Farms Cider

Our cider is jugged & ready to go!

Royalton Farms Cider
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